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"A fascinating and cinematic novel about one of history's greatest maritime rescues. Author and survivor, Pierette Simpson, reconstructs a suspenseful path to the actual collision that is beyond haunting— it’s chilling! A book sure to inspire young readers toward maritime science." —Ruta Sepetys, New York Times bestselling author of Between Shades of Gray

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Welcome Aboard!

On this site, I promise a safe and adventurous journey for readers, writers, students, professionals, or just aficionados of the maritime world.

I'll be posting exciting new bits—and soon, a book trailer! Who knows, I may even have news about a movie deal one day.

For now, check out my books and my personal bio with lots of pictures. To see a brief picture history of the Andrea Doria, there's a photo gallery in Making Waves. You'll also want to read making waves for book/author picks, info on maritime science careers, and much more. If you would like to share information on these topics, contact me. You can also share your reaction to my personal story of survival, a review of my book, or just share your knowledge of shipwrecks, sea survival, or sea safety. Could it be that you have your own sea survival story to recount?

Meanwhile, here's to reaching safe harbors where beauty abounds!

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Alive on the Andrea Doria! The Greatest Sea Rescue in History

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